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Victory or Death - 36th on KILLZONE 3 Clan Ladder
*** SUNDAY 6th MARCH - Party up/ Clanwars from 7pm***
** Killzone 3 clan record: 9 WINS / 12 LOSSES / 0 DRAWS **
** LATEST NEWS : Can all members sign up to www.consolegaming.eu please and give a leader your username **

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 TeamWarfare - Brink

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PostSubject: TeamWarfare - Brink   Tue May 03, 2011 6:13 pm

TeamWarfare League Open For Business

While Brink has not yet been 'Officially' Released, TWL has opened signups for its first Brink Ladder and League.

Brink StopWatch Ladder
This will be a standard Rung Ladder. Teams can challenge up the ladder to gain higher rungs. Ladders have no definitive end date, they just keep going until there is not enough support.

Brink 6v6 -- Inaugural Season League
Anyone who knows the Brink League Admin, knows that Tournaments drop like flies. This league is being considered to become a Launch Tournament, if the teams so desire.

Brink EU StopWatch Ladder
We didn't forget about our friends over in Europe. We love you too.

Obviously, we are still waiting to learn many details about competitive gameplay, but we know that 6v6 is preferred (by us). We will add details as they become available and are hashed out by the community. Stop by the TWL Brink Forum for any additional information.

Why aren't you signed up yet??
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TeamWarfare - Brink
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