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Victory or Death - 36th on KILLZONE 3 Clan Ladder
*** SUNDAY 6th MARCH - Party up/ Clanwars from 7pm***
** Killzone 3 clan record: 9 WINS / 12 LOSSES / 0 DRAWS **
** LATEST NEWS : Can all members sign up to www.consolegaming.eu please and give a leader your username **

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PostSubject: Application:GRILL_ZONE   Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:54 am


2. Name:James

3. Email:jman29@live.co.uk

4. Age:15

5. Country:England

6. Headset:Official Playstation headset and a Gioteck EX-02 headset.

7. Average KDR:0.92 on KZ2 (But i let my cousin play alot and he kinda screwed it up.)

8. Previous Clans, If any:Ive bin in around 5-6 clans i cant remeber the names sorry but the problem was they always disbanded after a few weeks this is why im hoping to join [VoD] because your a profesinal clan who does'nt stop when its getting too hard.

9. Games you played with these clans:MAG,KZ2,Uncharted 2,BC1,BC2

10. Why do you want to join [VoD]:Ive allways wanted to join a REAL clan and not just a small clan thats used to meet up with friends,i want to compete in real clan matches and help [VoD] rise to the top!

11. We are predominantly a UK clan so clanwars take place between 8-9pm UK time (3-4pm EST) on a regular basis. Are you available at this time?:Yes except on some weekends when im at my mums

12. We pride ourselves on having a great community here, you would need to stay fairly active on these forums to be a VoD member, can you? Sure can!!

13. Do you have experience with clanwars? Ive played a few clan matches on kz2 but unfortunatly the enemy cheated and we lost.

14. Are you a member of www.consolegaming.eu? Yes you can find me there under the name GRILL_ZONE
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VoD General
VoD General

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PostSubject: Re: Application:GRILL_ZONE   Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:20 am

Hey James,

We will need to trial you at some point, keep an eye out on the forums we will be having some little games on KZ2.

Will move you over to a Trialist for the time being, welcome to the forums!

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VoD Almighty Leader
VoD Almighty Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Application:GRILL_ZONE   Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:26 am

welcome to the forums, we will either trial you on kz2 (were playing tonight) or during the kz3 beta, goodluck

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PostSubject: Re: Application:GRILL_ZONE   

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