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Victory or Death - 36th on KILLZONE 3 Clan Ladder
*** SUNDAY 6th MARCH - Party up/ Clanwars from 7pm***
** Killzone 3 clan record: 9 WINS / 12 LOSSES / 0 DRAWS **
** LATEST NEWS : Can all members sign up to www.consolegaming.eu please and give a leader your username **

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 Bringing VoD back - the story so far

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VoD Almighty Leader
VoD Almighty Leader

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PostSubject: Bringing VoD back - the story so far   Tue Jan 25, 2011 7:40 pm

Right so VoD are officially back and i would like to thank all the old and new members for being here, im really happy each and every one of you decided to join/rejoin.

so what now?

well killzone 3 is coming out in under a month now and the betas on the 3rd so not long and i still think we need a little recruitent push to bring in a few decent, active and mature players to bolster our team, some members havent come back (yet) so we may need to fill there places.

apart from that everything else seems to be going smoothly, anything you guys want to bring up about the clan? i dont want 'oh nick your so great' 'VoD is amazing' or 'You have such a big penis' because, although true, it wont help the clan progress, i want to get the real community sense we had and all the banter we had before so your constructive critisism about anything is really welcomed, so post up any problems you have/ forsee and what your thoughts on VoD being back a week

thankyou to you all


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VoD Trooper
VoD Trooper

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PostSubject: Re: Bringing VoD back - the story so far   Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:30 pm

Yo Nick, you have such a big small penis
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Bringing VoD back - the story so far
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