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Victory or Death - 36th on KILLZONE 3 Clan Ladder
*** SUNDAY 6th MARCH - Party up/ Clanwars from 7pm***
** Killzone 3 clan record: 9 WINS / 12 LOSSES / 0 DRAWS **
** LATEST NEWS : Can all members sign up to www.consolegaming.eu please and give a leader your username **

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 Application: georgie12

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PostSubject: Application: georgie12   Sat Mar 28, 2009 9:36 am

1. PSN ID: georgie12

2. Name: rhys

3. Email: rhysgeorge12@hotmail.co.uk

4. Age:16

5. Country: Wales

6. Headset: yes

7. Average KDR: i think its about 1.20

8. Previous Clans, If any: ye a singles on cod5

9. Games you played with these clans: cod5

10. Achievements with these clans: on game battles my score is 6 - 0

11. Why do you want to join [VoD]: beacuse they play killzone 2 and they are good

12. What sets you aside from other applicants: I AM GOOD AT SNIPING AND WIT A SHOTGUN AND I AM ONLINE ALOT

13. Whats more important Community/Achievement/Enjoyment: i like winning but i like a good game

14. Were you recommended? If so, by who: on a ps3 website

15. Anything Else you wish to state: add me on ps3 georgie12 and i played with frozenlife and he said that i sould go on trial

16. Clan wars take place between 8-9pm GMT (4-5pm EST) on a regular basis. Are you available at this time: ye best time

i will be back in a week or something so for now bye

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PostSubject: Re: Application: georgie12   Sat Mar 28, 2009 3:56 pm

Hello (^_^)/

At this moment were seeking more experienced players. However! When you obtain the rank of General and have over 50 wins please feel free to reapply georgie! We just recently added these questions to the application so players are more experienced before they take on our Trial period.

Thanks for your interest in the clan!
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Application: georgie12
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